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Volunteers needed for the highlighted positions. 
Please contact the museum at info@wilbrahamchildrensmuseum.com

Volunteer Positions
The WCM is 100% volunteer run.  Please consider joining us by volunteering for an open position, as a playgroup leader, by chairing an event, or by filling an open position. It takes a special group of people working together to make this a great place for our children to grow and learn.

Executive Board of Directors

The Wilbraham Children's Museum Board of Directors consists of current and previous museum volunteers.  All Board members are voting members.

President: The president shall preside over the monthly meetings of the Voting Members, oversee the activities of the Officers, and have primary responsibility for directing the maintenance of the exhibits, both indoor and outdoor. The President has the final authority on all matters concerning the Wilbraham Children's Museum.

Vice President: The Vice-President will have primary responsibility for directing the fundraising activities at the Museum. The Vice President will preside over the Monthly Meetings in the event the President is absent. The Vice President will assume the responsibility of the President if the President is no longer able to perform the job as described.

Treasurer: The Treasurer will process all financial transactions, including deposits (such as from public hours, birthday parties and playgroup fees), payment of bills, verify timely collections of session fees, overseeing all expenditures following the guidelines set forth by the Museum. In addition, the Treasurer will prepare the monthly Treasurer's Report, balance the books monthly, work with our CPA in any tax related issues, and prepare payroll and W-2 forms. The Treasurer will collect the mail from the Museum Post Office Box. The treasurer is provided with a laptop computer with software to record all transactions.

Secretary: The Secretary will take the minutes and attendance at each Monthly Meeting, and will prepare and distribute the minutes to the voting members and Wilbraham Town departments (Board of Selectmen, Town Administrator). In addition, the Secretary will be responsible for maintaining any official documents and policies for the Museum.

Playgroup Coordinator: The Playgroup Coordinator is responsible for the overall coordination of Playgroups. The responsibilities include: receiving and returning informational phone calls from/to anyone interested in playgroups at the museum, playgroup regulations, assigning playgroups, and filling positions in groups throughout the year, maintaining files, briefing playgroup leaders.

Marketing Coordinator: This volunteer will be responsible for notifying all local media of current events, upcoming events, and parent related issues at WCM in a timely manner.  The media correspondent will operate using local news and social media (Facebook) to keep the museum visible in the community.  

Supplies Coordinator: The Supply Coordinator is responsible for procuring the necessary items needed to keep the museum running smoothly and efficiently. These purchases may include: cleaning supplies, craft supplies, and first aid items. The Supply Coordinator will also be responsible for securing donated supplies

Programs Coordinator: The Programs Coordinator is responsible for planning and coordinating programs and activities, such as Bonnie Light's Music for Little People and our Bedtime Stories series. S/he is also responsible for recruiting all necessary volunteers for our programs and maintaining a budget for these programs and tracking expenditures and transactions.

Other Volunteer Positions

Official Museum Photographer: The photographer will be responsible for sending the President updated photos of the museum and playground for our website and literature as needed.  This volunteer will also take photos at the events the museum hosts and send to the President and volunteer Media Correspondent to be used for press releases.  Photo credits will be given. The photographer will also offer mini-sessions throughout the year at discounted rates for members only.

Birthday Party Coordinator: The Birthday Coordinator is responsible for the overall coordination of birthday parties held at the museum. This includes: scheduling parties, mailing out Birthday Party Policy sheet to interested persons, collecting the reservation deposit and addendum form from these individuals, and scheduling a birthday party hostess. The Birthday Coordinator is also responsible for the recruitment, hiring and training of the party hostess. In the event a hostess is not available, the Birthday Coordinator will be responsible for hosting the party.  She/he will also keep track of Voting Members parties. The Birthday Party Coordinator will communicate payroll and time sheet information to the Treasurer.  The Birthday Party Coordinator will attend each monthly board meeting and report updates.

Maintenance Coordinator: A Maintenance Coordinator is the person in charge of performing all tasks related to the maintenance and general upkeep of the Wilbraham Children's Museum. This involves routine tasks, such as changing light bulbs and maintaining the playground. It also involves more complex tasks, such as larger repairs inside and outside the Museum. Those who know a little about a lot of things and are good with their hands make good Maintenance Coordinators.

Bulletin Board Coordinator:  The Bulletin Board Coordinator is responsible for coordinating a team of volunteers to create bulletin boards with crafts for the months of September through June. This position is responsible for the organization and storage of craft supplies for each bulletin board after it is taken down, for organizing and maintaining the paper supply kept in the storage room, and for coordinating, the purchase of craft supplies with the Supplies Coordinator.  The Bulletin Board Coordinator will be responsible for updating the information board and event calendar.

Event Coordinator:  The Event Volunteer Coordinator is responsible for keeping track of and recruiting volunteers for upcoming events and fundraisers.

Each Voting Member is required to attend monthly meetings at the Museum. The meetings are held at the Museum on the first Monday of every month at 7:00 p.m. unless otherwise noted. The officers and volunteer coordinators will give a brief, informal report to the group regarding work being done, present any current problems for discussion, recruit helpers, and participate in any decisions made by the voting members. Playgroup leaders have the opportunity to share ideas or problems from their groups, participate in the decision-making process and report back to their playgroups. If a board member cannot attend a meeting, he/she should contact the President ahead of time so any pertinent information can be shared at the meeting. Minutes from each meeting are available and should be read at playgroup.

Contact us at: 
The Wilbraham Children's Museum, Inc.
PO Box 522 
678 Main St.
Wilbraham, MA 01095

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