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Considering joining a playgroup for you and your little one? There are plenty of reasons to form one or join an existing group, and the benefits for both parent and baby are many.

  1. - Babies and toddlers benefit from the opportunity to socially interact with other children of similar age to them, this will greatly help them to understand, adapt and cope in different situations, situations that they might not be used to within their own home.
  2. - Social interaction within playgroups encourages confidence building, which in my mind is essential for children, especially as they develop into older kids and into their teens.
  3. - Playgroup doesn’t just benefit babies and toddlers but also parents. We get to enjoy the benefits of adult interaction, meet and engage with other moms, dads and caregivers, learning new things and see how our children cope in different environments and situations, which helps us to understand their needs better. Whether this is your first child or your third, questions or situations will occasionally arise for which another perspective might be helpful. We build a community here, to support and encourage each other.
  4. - Finally, the benefits of taking your child to playgroups is that it prepares and gives them a good head start for pre-school amongst other things.

The Wilbraham Children's Museum offers organized playgroups Monday- Friday. The groups meet on a weekly basis for 90 minutes from September through June and follow the Hampden-Wilbraham Regional School District schedule. Children from Birth - PreK are welcome to attend. Caregivers are to stay with their children throughout the playgroup and are responsible for monitoring their children at all times.  Each member pays a non-refundable yearly membership fee and a session fee; there are three sessions per year.  Membership is on-going throughout the year and  session fees are adjusted and pro-rated accordingly. If you are interested in joining a playgroup, please contact our Playgroup Coordinator. 

Playgroups run weekdays, and weekends!  We have early and late morning, as well as afternoon and evening groups.  Please email for details.

Clean up 

Every member in playgroup is responsbible to help clean up at the end of playgroup and remove all trash.

Public Hours
The Wilbraham Children's Museum has public open hours on Tuesdays from 9:30-11:00 am.  Public Hours can change; please check our Facebook page for updates.  A $3 fee is charged for each child (non-members). Members are charged $2 for each child. Caregivers attend for no charge, but are responsible for the monitoring of their child(ren) at all times. A museum volunteer opens and closes the museum during public hours. Public hours are held during the school year and the museum follows the Hampden- Wilbraham Regional School calendar. When schools are closed due to holidays, vacations or snow days, the museum is closed. Due to occupancy regulations, admission is limited and based on a first come basis.  Come see what we are all about! If you liked what you saw and your child had a great time, register to join a playgroup.

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